Sunday, 2 February 2020

Abstract art

Into Abstraction

Abstract art isn’t always derived from visual reality. It is a form of art that uses geometric shapes or gestural marks. I will be creating abstract art using visual reality, where the forms have been simplified and schematised.
I intend to use shapes, colour, form and gestural marks to achieve its effect 

Ideas - looking for chaos — all these subjects are likely to change.
After the storm, demolition site, bonfire, heaps of clothes, recycle bin.

In my exploratory sketches I drew a bonfire from different angles, at the time trying to think of the kind of brush marks that would be useful. I drew what was high up as well as what I saw at my feet,  and noted the objects shapes and where they overlapped.

Finally I listed the words that came to my mind as I drew: rhythm, movement, mesh, translucent, sharp, burnt natural, synthetic, pattern, scattered, rust, grey, powder, dynamic, tangled.

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