Sunday, 2 February 2020

Abstract art

Into Abstraction

Abstract art isn’t always derived from visual reality. It is a form of art that uses geometric shapes or gestural marks. I will be creating abstract art using visual reality, where the forms have been simplified and schematised.
I intend to use shapes, colour, form and gestural marks to achieve its effect 

Ideas - looking for chaos — all these subjects are likely to change.
After the storm, demolition site, bonfire, heaps of clothes, recycle bin.

In my exploratory sketches I drew a bonfire from different angles, at the time trying to think of the kind of brush marks that would be useful. I drew what was high up as well as what I saw at my feet,  and noted the objects shapes and where they overlapped.

Finally I listed the words that came to my mind as I drew: rhythm, movement, mesh, translucent, sharp, burnt natural, synthetic, pattern, scattered, rust, grey, powder, dynamic, tangled.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Winter snow scene

Painting Snow Scenes

All the sheep fed, counted and present, but evan the 4 x 4 nearly got stuck that day! Road blocked we had to reverse out, but not before I got a picture on my i phone. A grey cold morning just after the snow storm. The photo  provided a good structure for a painting, but it needed to be brighter as I intended to turn the image into a Christmas card. This photo isn’t what I saw, the darks had lost their details and the light areas were really bleached out.
 I compressed the composition to fit a stable square format, and I kept the details to the minimum.

I use a limited palette:
Cerulean blue
Cobalt blue
Indanthrene blue
Burnt sienna
Alizarin Crimson
Cadmium orange

The Windsor and Newton Indanthrene blue was a new colour for me to experiment with. Initially bought for its transparent qualities to use as a glaze, but for this painting I used it directly. It is a good cold and neutral colour for winter scenes.

I made the shadows of the snow blue mauve and contrast it by adding warm tones of orange for the trees and exposed grass.
Shadow mix — cerulean blue, cobalt blue and a tiny touch of alizarin crimson.
OR cerulean blue, indanthrene blue and alizarin crimson

Trees were done in a mix of burnt sienna and indanthrene blue.

At the end of the painting process little highlights of pure white  enlivened the painting.

Soft edges Cerulean blue for the sky to contrast with hard edges of trees in the foreground, a touch of Indanthrene blue was also added to the sky to pull the land and sky together

A row of grey trees gives distance along the horizon line. 

I used  the i phone to change the value of the photograph. I looked for:

  1. A pattern of notan
  2. A value plan, to work out mid-tones lights and darks
  3. Used the snow shadow as part of the design element