Monday, 2 April 2018

Painting from photographs

02.04.18 Weather forecast rain – all day!

Yesterday’s study was a tutored piece and I used ultramarine blue for the sea and sky. If you want natural colours it is not a recommended for English skies.  I was given an old oil painting book for beginners, written by distinguished artist Adrian Hill. He stated,
            ‘Ultramarine should not be used to match the blue of an English sky’. 

There is far too much purple, no matter how much Flake white is added, and he also says the colour clashes with nature’s greens. Adrian recommends the use of Prussian blue.  For paintings done in the Netherlands Impressionist artist Roos Schuring doesn't use ultramarine blue either.

I took the photograph of Holkham beach Norfolk in January and intend to interpret it rather than copy it.

The limited palette I used was: Michael Harding’s Flake white, Old Holland Blue grey, Mussini bluish grey, Mussini brownish grey, Burnt Sienna, Prussian blue, and pale yellow ochre. Definitely no Ultramarine blue.

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