Friday, 30 March 2018


Well I haven’t really painted since January 2018, nor have I done a blog entry since January 2018. The idea of writing this blog was to commit myself to doing regular paintings, improve my work to a gallery standard, and make more saleable art. It hasn’t happened! Everything has come before my painting: domestic chores, dog walking, decorating, social occasions and soon it will be gardening time again. Today I promised myself a painting day and yet again I have fallen at the first hurdle! A casual social arrangement has been suddenly thrust upon me. As it is at my home, one must make sure everywhere is spick and span.  No more pronouncements regarding this painting business from now on! With an attitude of servitude how is one to progress?  So, what do the successful (or be it few of them) women artists do? This one deserves investigation, back to writing the blog and today’s activities.

Normally on a summers day I would miss Fred’s home, but one bright sunny frost morning I saw Fred’s place and was inspired. Hopefully I can hold on to the colours and atmosphere. Dog walking on this overcast rainy day I took 10 minutes out to draw Fred’s bungalow (It’s not a whole art day but at least it is a start).

I wish I had worn my willies, just another job to do when I get back!
At least I have persevered.

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