Monday, 23 October 2017

How long did it take you to paint that?

Welland Valley oil on canvas 100 x 40 cm

I have been asked that question many times, and you can almost see the questioner calculating in their mind how much they think the painting is worth! I found these considerations on Pinterest; it is the hours of errors, experimentation, frustration, joy, someones heart and soul, a small piece of their life you are buying.  In addition to this Welland Valley took me two research visits before I actually started painting, so that took time and fuel to get there. My first visit was a scouting expedition with a quick sketch and photograph. The light changed quickly and became very poor, so I went again on a sunny summer day. The bright atmosphere enabled me to see a lot more and the colours were much more cheerful. To get my, ‘eye in’ I used a thick felt pen on news paper. A pencil sketch + notes with more photographs were taken. The painting was done from start to finish in the studio.

The painting is a small section of the Welland Valley, viewed from the top of Sutton Hill. This is Richard Hart’s land.  Access to it is by a bridle way. Hidden amongst the trees is an old tumbled down cottage. Locals tell me a Mr Smith used to live there in the 1960s, it had running water but no electricity. A doctor advised the then asthmatic Mr Smith to live there as the air was of a better quality for his health.

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