Saturday, 29 April 2017

Knife painting

Alan Cotton’s paintings have a big impact, especially on my mind. He is represented by the Messum gallery London, I wish I could afford one of his paintings! 

Saturday 2nd September 2006 I read the obituary of Sir Kiffin Williams in the Indepedent. Investigating his work and ‘Wow’! I have been in love with his paintings ever since.

More recently I discovered Ben Taffinders work; a modern Cornish knife painter whose work I much admire.

I love texture, and I make a connection with knife painting, so I decided to give it a go.

Unfortunately I can not show you my first attempt as my feelings were so negative about it I threw it in the fire and deleted all records.

It has taken me a year to reflect upon this and I have returned to the subject. I stood in my wellies and watched the storm and river begin to flood (no camera or sketch book). I returned the next day and took a photograph to work from. Big mistake! It is best to work from a sketch and use your visual memory to convey the feelings the scene had on you. I am much happier with the second attempt  and will continue to paint with a knife.

The river Welland in flood oil on panel 30 x 30cm

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