Saturday, 24 December 2016

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham


November quickly came and went, but I did managed to see the Wilhemina Barnes Graham exhibition at the Penlee House gallery and museum, Penzance. A fantastic exhibition. I love Wilhemina Barns - Graham’s work. It was great to see work from all her periods of development. I particulary favour 1980’s decade when she produced her fine line drawings. She had an amazing skill to see the patterns created by the energies of the sea; she then reduced these to simple lines. Some years earlier I had an opportunity to see the line drawings in Leeds University gallery.

In Cornwall I saw, ‘Variations on a Theme, splintered Ice no 1,’  which was a development from the Grindelwald Gacial drawings. You can read more about  Wilhemina’s work on  From the website today I discovered a 1949 painting from the Davie Bowie collection  had sold for £62,500!

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