Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Board preparing time!

My favourite painting surface - 6mm MDF board

Economical, easy to prepare and store. My local wood merchants are very obliging and will cut perfectly MDF to any size. Sometimes they have off cuts available which they will cut to size for a donation to charity. I paint on:

  • 6mm MDF.
  • First sealed with Golden GAC -100, to protect the painting from discolouration.
  • Coated with 3 layers of gesso, each layer lightly sanded with fine sand paper. 
I allow 24 hours drying time between each layer. Newly prepared boards should be stored vertically rather than flat, as they have a tendency to stick to each other. Perhaps I should be a bit more meagre with my materials?

Monday, 15 August 2016


Mintasius paints - Jane Palmer paints

Mintasius is to distinguish me from all those other 'Jane Palmer's' out there. My painting signature is my initials J.E.M.P. The full name might be a bit egotistical, and dominate the painting!

At school I was only ever good at Art and Biology. Like a good working class girl I took the advice of my elders and betters and qualified as a science teacher. Art however has always remained my passion.

The aim of this blog is threefold, one to help me focus on painting, two to share my knowledge, and finally three, the bonus to sell my work.

All work is copyright and unique to me. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by it.

Blue landscape, oil on board, 457 x 457mm including the frame. Ready for exhibition in October.